The Simple Life

More recently I have been challenged to simplify my life.  I thought I was actually doing pretty well until along came the BIG TEST.  I realized I needed to move out of my home and begin to downsize.

After living in the same home for 15 years, what would I take with me?  What do I need?  What can I live without?  Soon the house was buzzing with the energy of purging! Large garbage bags were filled, drawers full of stuff, trashed.  It was almost as fun as preparing for a big party.  Funny how one day I loved my home and clung on to it like an old dear friend, and then the next I was decisively choosing what needed to go.  I’m taking only the BIG STUFF I absolutely love, the  comfy furniture that’s me.  What about my wardrobe?  It’s now purged down to a handful of hangers, a box of purses and shoes, plus 2 large suitcases.  One for spring/summer clothes the other for fall/winter.  Then there are books! I suppose it’s important to first return what I have borrowed.  Next, the give away pile…until all I have left are the few gems that I choose re-read and lend to sojourners.

However, living the simple life involves more than purging stuff.  I’ve also had to create space for quiet, for contemplation.  A No noise zone!  This means, no TV, no music, no phone chats, no emails, face book, etc.

I am beginning to appreciate a more simple life. Hopefully in time, this will allow me to free up time for what is truly important and what I value.

I’ve recently read the short list, which includes:
1.  Identify what’s most important to you
2.  Eliminate everything else…


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