"Sandy's creative energy provides an informative and engaging presentation while introducing participants to a sense of what life coaching is and its potential to change your life."


ADHD Support Group Coordinator, Edmonton, Alberta

"I experience Sandy as a woman who is willing to go the distance to live a life of freedom and wholeness. She knows the cost of living under the thumb of expectations and difficult relationships. And she's there no longer. Now she has a passion to walk with others on their own paths to claiming freedom and joy. She won't let you down or give up--she is full of fierce love!!"


Coach, N. Vancouver, B. C.

"Sandy is an accomplished speaker with a positive message for women. She focused on the heart of who we are and on developing our passion! Along with her presentation came a visual component that we found appropriate and appealing. Sandy was able to “go with the flow” and adapted her presentation to our particular audience. Sandy is the positive and encouraging speaker you would want at your event!"

Dolores, Connections for Women Coordinator

Mill Woods Assembly, Edmonton, Alberta

"My name is Mark Hawkes. I’ve been married for 15 years and have 3 children. I work in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Consultant. I have recently separated with my wife and that has caused me to be very bitter and unhappy at times. Sandy Miller came into my life as a Life Coach and has been a very big part of my healing process. She has given me great tools to work with to become a better me. I consider her a good friend also. Thanks Sandy for being a part of my life. "

Mark Hawkes

Red Deer, Alberta

"Sandy is a great listener and has a natural ability to provide feedback that opens a door, provides a different perspective, turns on a light. Our conversations are always productive, practical and enlightening. Even though she may ask challenging questions, you know she’s on your side, championing you. A discussion with Sandy leaves me not just inspired, but inspired to take action. I know her interest doesn’t end with our sessions, and she will follow up and check in from time to time, usually just when I need it!"

Debbie Dressen

Lawyer, Edmonton, Alberta

"I have known Sandy for several years and have watched her increase her abilities and knowledge in a passion that she has always possessed - a passion for the wellbeing of people. Over the last two years I have recruited her assistance to help me work through my marriage breakdown and my emotional blocks. Sandy has been such a tremendous cornerstone in my healing and has continued to keep me in alignment with my values and passions. I always look forward to speaking with her. Her positive attitude and tenacity is steadfast. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me."


Edmonton, Alberta

"Coach Sandy’s a great sounding board for options and reality checking. Reminding me of context, while encouraging progress, and providing a reminder of task I’ve expressed commitment on or subjects to consider in more depth between sessions."


Energy Analyst, San Jose CA

"Sandy is a person who cares about people and loves to see them move forward in their lives. Sandy is like having a whole cheerleading team just for you. She listens, helps identify what obstructs you, and helps you see your options. Then it’s up to you to decide what to do next. I found her to be challenging and supportive of my change. Her insights helped me get past my blind spots in areas where I was stuck. Life coaching with Sandy was a gift to me. Freeing, energizing and helping me score in life. "


Mom, Edmonton, Alberta