Life Coaching

Coaching is a powerful relationship of trust, an alliance designed between you and I.  By being intentional and staying curious we discover your core values, which leads you to understand your greater purpose. This in turn creates a life of passion and fulfillment. As we collaborate together through a series of conversations we provide an opportunity for self-discovery, uncovering your strengths and recognizing your limits. This new self-awareness, combined with accountability, empowers you to move forward.

Leadership Coaching

I will partner with you to hone your skills as a leader.  Together we will P.L.O.D along. Working through Planning and goal implementation, addressing Leadership skills including the supervision of staff. Developing Organizational flow and control measures as well as reaping the benefits of Delegation and motivation.

Spiritual Direction

As your Spiritual Director we engage in holy listening, as your story unfolds. Together we ask what is God up to?  Where does your story fit in our common Christian story?  This process begs vulnerability as masks fall off and are put aside.  I listen during your times of desolation, when God seems absent.  I am there when God breaks into your daily predictable routine and surprises you by announcing his divine presence. Throughout our interactions I will be discerning and affirm God’s love and grace for you.  God is a God of redemption. You have the opportunity of co-authoring the conclusion to your story.  This is the sacred journey.

Group Coaching

My Story Group

• How do the stories of your life impact who you are?

• What can you learn from your stories of tragedy and loss?

• What is the larger story that your life is telling?

In this 16-week small group, we explore how to write and tell stories of scenes from our lives with honesty and curiosity and get feedback from the other group members, revealing our underlying themes.  Recognition of our life’s themes help us make informed choices as we co-create the ending to our life story.

Location:             my home in South East Edmonton,

Dates:                   Next Story Group will begin October 2, 2013

My Story Group offers:

•a meeting of people who want to examine their lives for the sake of deeper connection with others

•an opportunity to explore how your experiences have shaped who you are and how you relate.

•space to practice new ways of relating, to care for others, and to be confronted with your brokenness and depravity, as well as with your glorious dignity.

•teaching from coach Sandy

•an opportunity to write and read 5 short stories to the group – 1/month

•½ hour monthly one-on-one phone session with the coach, for the purpose of debriefing your themes as unveiled by the group once per month

Participants will be expected to:

• spend time writing each week outside of group time

•come prepared for group with a story to share and hearts to listen

•study their past and share it with others

•discover how to unite with the Source, their Higher Power, God…to coauthor and co-create their future

•to bring and keep a journal/log  of insights of each group member as they share their life each week.  A small notebook with 6 sections is advisable.

•conclude the group process with a one time, “Show and Tell”  overview of your  life story  and your learnings .



There is still space for YOU to join this years group!



at the ‘My Story Group”

Sample Session

Wednesday, August 21st at 7pm




Group Presentations or Workshops

I offer creative presentations on a variety of topics such as:

The Monster Within: Meet your dark side, the one who is really trying to hold you back

Map Quest: Where are you?  Where are you going?  Map your journey to a rewarding life

Digging for Gold: Discover the treasure within…unearth life’s purpose, the core values, and  increase the enthusiasm in your life

Back from the Future: Envision the profound impact of your future self.
Realize that your future self …is YOU!

To be or not to be…: Compare the paradox of life and death…  know what it is that you’ve had to die to, in order to grasp what you LIVE for!

Choose from these or a topic of your choice.  Whether you are a corporation, a non-profit or an affinity group; a large group or facilitating in an informal workshop style,  I can design a custom presentation to suit your needs.