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“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.”     Francis Bacon

I love to read, and often find myself at the close of the day choosing which of the 5– 10 books at the side of my bed to devour before the day’s end. Where do I begin?  There are numerous books I would love to recommend, however, I will only highlight a few that I have tasted, chewed and even digested.

To make your online book purchase easier, I have provided you with the links to

Also, should you have a favorite book or two that you would like to recommend to me, please drop me a message.




What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship of trust, with a skilled professional who forms a partnership with you. Collaborating together in a series of conversations you begin to discover your values, goals, and purpose in life.  These conversations can be one-on-one or over the phone, weekly or bi-weekly.

As a result of this relationship you…
  • will discover your true self
  • be able to manage the monster within, the one who is always trying to hold you back and keep you at status quo; namely…your negative self talk
  • write and carry out your life purpose statement
  • identify and live out of your core values
  • take charge of your own life and be the center stage
  • have a new boldness and fierce courage



How is Life Coaching different from other professions?

Coaching is intended to help normal, healthy individuals achieve greater success, happiness, and wellbeing in their lives.
As a Professional Co-Active Coach I believe people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You do not come to coaching because you are broken and need to be “fixed”. You come to coaching to discover more about yourself and the things that are going well, to change things that are not.
I begin coaching where you are, and coach what is needed at the time.  We start in the present and work towards what’s possible in the future.



Who hires an Edmonton Life Coach and why?

Those who are:
  • trapped, stuck, unfulfilled, living the status quo
  • hungry for change and longing for growth
  • thrown into transition and going through pain
  • wanting more and prepared to do the work



What happens when you hire a Life Coach?

  • you begin to take better care of yourself
  • you set healthy boundaries
  • you stop putting up with negative energy that drains you
  • you set goals that truly impact where you most want to grow and go
  • you gain forward momentum to become fully engaged in life and live it to it’s fullest
  • the experience is like a dance, gracefully moving together towards resonance. One step at a time, together we will move towards your life’s purpose; one of balance, fulfillment, passion



Can coaching help ME?

As an Edmonton Life Coach I focus on the whole person.  I will challenge you to find out what makes you tick.  What are you passionate about, what invigorates you, what do you live for?  Where are you stuck, what’s holding you back, what’s keeping you from moving forward?  I am your personal partner, your cheerleader, your advocate, assisting you in living the life you want; personally, professionally and relationally.   I am someone you place your trust in to help hold you accountable as the main character in your life story.  You get to choose how your drama unfolds.  This is your life!



How long is the usual starting commitment when working with a coach?

I ask for a 12-session commitment from new clients. This allows for sufficient time to design an alliance and to build a relationship of trust.  I provide you with adequate time to teach and to work through some basic concepts, gain momentum and move forward to deepen your understanding of yourself. This allows you the opportunity to forward your actions.  Of course, this is not a binding agreement, and clients are allowed to stop if the coaching is not working for them.



What does it cost to hire a Life coach?

Prices vary depending upon the frequency and duration of the coaching sessions, based on a per month basis.  Costs will be discussed in detail at the sample session to ensure a win-win.  Invest in yourself, you are worth it!



Where does Coaching take place?

I offer coaching in my home in S. E. Edmonton, a very private casual setting or over the phone.  The beauty is we are not limited to close proximity in order for coaching to be effective.  A powerful connection can be made no matter of the distance, or geographical location.  Coaching by phone can be equally as effective as in person.  The choice is yours!



How do I get started?

Click thefree sample session today.  There is no obligation.  You have nothing to loose, and a life worth living to gain!