My Story Group Sample Night…

You  are invited to

“My Story Group” Sample Night

Wednesday, September 19th @ 7pm

at my home in S. E. Edmonton

Come taste and see …

Book your complimentary spot TODAY

by calling Sandy at 780-468-5564

What can I expect?

•An opportunity to experience a “My Story Group” evening in action

• A brief teaching on the purpose of Story given by Sandy

•Former story group member reading a short story as previously shared in group

•An opportunity to ask questions of former group members
•a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments


“I think breaking the silence of past trauma’s, being heard by compassionate, caring people and then being affirmed and acknowledged put these stories into a more realistic perspective. Much of the negative energy was seeped out with the sharing of guilt, shame, failure and fear. I felt a satisfying completeness after my Show and Tell. It was like I could leave the past behind and be more present in my now and future. I felt like I didn’t need to drag the sack with me any longer. The insights of the threads that carried thru my journey are also good indicators for my present. When I start repeating an old pattern or old ticker tape, I stop and say, “I don’t want to go there’, or “That is a lie”. The group also helped me connect to my authentic self and because of the deep sharing, the persona I put on or the persona someone put on me, was exposed and the real me was revealed. This was an awesome experience of vulnerability, acceptance, love, caring and healing. I think if a person is willing and ready to look inside, they will definitely benefit from this experience

•Shirley Beyer-Walsh, Massage Therapist.

The next "My Story Group"  begins in October!!!

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