Heart of WAR or Heart of Peace?

Last summer I found myself reading out loud every morning to my girlfriend, at the poolside of our Radium resort, while our teenage children slept in.  The book that caught our attention and called us to this early morning ritual was, “The Anatomy of Peace,” by the Arbinger Institute.

I was reminded of the book yesterday, and its underlying message.  There I was in the office of a professional being belittled by this giant of a man with BIG booming voice. I felt life slowly seep out of my body as his presence filled the entire room.  I felt my spirit leaving me as he towered over me stating, ‘I told you…”   I called forth every ounce of courage I had not to feel small, but to be acknowledged as a person with a voice and with dignity.

Why do people abuse power and use manipulative tactics?  Why do we justify our behavior under the guise of needing to be right.

If you want a profound read that will change the way you view conflict in any relationship, I challenge to read

“The Anatomy of Peace.”

Choose peace!





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